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The Minor Theatre

The Minor Theatre is a 3-screen movie theater located in Arcata, CA. After changing hands to local owners in 2017, many upgrades were made to the theater including upgraded seating, digital projectors and sound systems, as well as serving food and adult beverages. The Minor also shows various indie and anime titles each year, and is host to stand-up comedians, speakers, and other special events. They even stream the MET Opera live during the the Opera Season.

The Minor Theatre Website

Not long after The Minor was reacquired by local owners, their web developer at the time was in the process of changing careers and was no longer available to manage their website. We were contacted by The Minor, who were interested in having us maintain and redesign certain areas of their website. After agreeing to take on the project, our first suggestion was to redesign the home page so that it displayed all available showtimes for the films shown or events held at the theater. The Minor agreed, and we began redesigning their website.

We consider the Home page the jewel of The Minor's whole website, as it displays the most important information a user wants to see when visiting the site: the showtimes. The Minor uploads their film and event programing to a third party, and that third party updates The Minor's point of sales system so that customers can purchase tickets in the theater and online. There's also a server at The Minor that gets updated when the programming is sent in, and that server hosts an XML file that contains all the meta data for the programming - showtimes, dates, run times, ratings, images, synopses and trailers.

We created a custom PHP file that reads through the XML file on The Minor's server and saves and organizes that information into a database on the website's server. We then created another custom PHP file that reads through that information on the database and builds the Home page layout while filling in all of the film meta data. This second PHP file also allows us to modify any of the film meta data and page layout whenever The Minor asks us to.

While we could have just made a single PHP file that reads the initial XML file and builds the Home page, we decided saving the film meta data to a seperate server created a make-shift backup source for the data that would keep the site functioning in case there were any issues with The Minor's in-house server due to things such as local power or internet outages.

The first PHP file is programmed to read The Minor's XML file every night and update the film database, and the second PHP file is loaded every time the Home page is visited, ensuring that correct, up-to-date showtimes and film information is always visible. Each showtime contains a link that takes you to The Minor's third party site where you can purchase tickets online for that specific showtime.

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Another highlight of The Minor's website is the recent addition of eCommerce functionality. Just before Christmas, one of the owners of The Minor reached out to us and asked if there was a way to sell gift cards online through their website. A large portion of their customer base is made up of college students, so providing a simple way for friends and family of those college students to purchase gift cards remotely for their loved ones made financial sense.

Our response to their question was "You bet there is!" We have experience setting up eCommerce shops, so we quickly got to work adding the new functionality to their website. Customers choose from predefined gift card amounts and provide the shipping address of the gift card recipient. Upon purchase, staff from The Minor are notified of the order, and mail out the gift cards to the recipients. Transactions are handled by Stripe, which then deposits payment directly into The Minor's bank account.

The Minor Theatre Menus

One of the first items we designed for The Minor were the menus that are used by customers to order food and beverages before and during a movie. After going through a few variations, the final design that was settled on consisted of an easy-to-read, minimalist layout.


The Minor Theatre Chocolate Bars

When The Minor began selling Humboldt Chocolate bars in their theater, they wanted their own branding in the packaging. We worked with The Minor to create packaging layouts that reflected the two available chocolate variations, and incorporated many design elements that are used in their website design and other branded items.

The Minor Theatre - Other Designs

We've had the pleasure of designing various branded items for The Minor Theatre since they became one of our clients.

Andrew at Byte Jockeyz has been working with us on our website and web presence for several years. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. He is always there to answer any questions or help when any issues that may arise. It is a pleasure working with him.
The Minor Theatre

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