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Paul Ekman Group

The Paul Ekman Group was founded by Dr. Paul Ekman, who is recognized as the pioneer in facial expression, deception and emotion. Dr. Ekman was also the scientific consultant for the FOX TV series ‘Lie to Me,’ and appeared in Time Magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2009. The Paul Ekman Group has developed training tools designed to train users how to spot micro-expressions and how to detect deception. PEG's tools are available to the public and are also used by organizations like Disney, Pixar, the Harvard Business School, the Salk Institute, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The Paul Ekman Group Website

We were introduced to the Paul Ekman Group by Rob Sanders, our associate at RSO Consulting. PEG was searching for a new web developer after having a falling-out with a previous developer. Their former developer had put together a partial design of a new layout for their site, and PEG asked if we could recreate it with WordPress and expand the design into the remaining pages of their website. Our response was "Yes we can".

We pulled as much content as we could from the former developer's test server and proceeded to recreate the new design. After we successfully rebuilt the pages the former developer had designed, we applied the same styling to the PEG blog, eCommerce shop and remaining pages.

The most challenging aspect of this project was weaving the new theme design around PEG's training tools. PEG's training tools and previous theme were built by another web development company (not associated with the developer whose job we were hired to finish), and we had to make sure those custom-coded tools would still function correctly after the design upgrade. We were successful in doing so, and were able to get PEG's new website design back on track.

Lie to Me Website Conversion

After we finished the Paul Ekman Group website project, PEG asked if we could also update the Lie to Me website, which they also owned and managed. The Lie to Me site was originally built with simple HTML, CSS and Javascript files, and PEG wanted it turned into a WordPress website to make use of the additional functionality that comes packaged with WordPress. We successfully replicated the Lie to Me website with a WordPress theme, and while it may not look like anything has changed on the outside, there's a lot more going on under the hood now.

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Paul Ekman Group

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