About Us

A Little Info About Who We Are and What We Do.

Where does the name "Byte Jockeyz" come from?

Much like how a disc jockey blends songs in different keys or tempos together, Byte Jockeyz blends different technologies and services together to provide solutions for your small business needs. From offering various website hosting options to custom designs for websites or print media, Byte Jockeyz has the expertise needed to get your small business noticed.

When was Byte Jockeyz established?

Established in 2016, Byte Jockeyz began in Arcata, CA. We relocated to Oxnard, CA in late 2019.

What types of businesses do we work with?

We've worked with clients from many different industries, including digital press, movie theaters and auto shops.

What do we do?

Byte Jockeyz provides various services tailored to getting your small business noticed in the information age. Need a website to advertise your business online? Find a Domain Name for your business and choose one of our hosting options to plant your digital roots on the internet. If your website needs a custom solution, we can code the solution for you. Interested in other marketing materials like brochures or swag? Talk to us - we can put your branding on just about anything. We also have experience designing packaging layouts.

What else should I know about Byte Jockeyz?

We offer business-related photography services, such as product or location shots, for the Ventura County area.